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OGA Level 1- Combined Level 1 Trail Run Leader + 16h Outdoor First Aid Certificate (Non Commercial )

The first rung on the OGA ladder. Great for people new to the role of Motorcycle Run Leader or they are leading in a club that is non commercial.

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Alston or Mid Wales

About The Event

Level 1 Trail Guide. (Aspirant Trail Guide or Run Leader for your club  (non commercial)

This an introductory course enables the successful student to assist and lead small groups on motorcycles in the UK in summer conditions. This is ideal for people who work as a marshall on a Pay and Play site or someone who only acts as a Run Leader for a group of friends in a club setting. This course is not for you if there is a charge in any form for the trail riding or the trip. Please see the Level 2 Guide if there is any commercial element to your activities.

Duration: 18 hours over 2 days. eg 9am to 6.30 on a Saturday and Sunday. 

Cost £200

Course content:

Aspirant Trail Guide or Run Leader for your club  (non commercial)

Operating in the Uk


1. Pre-Ride planning

2. Able to assess riders needs and abilities

3. Check weather conditions and make judgments on the forecast

4. Plan a ride to suit the needs of the group, single or multiple days

5. Able to use GPS systems/ Maps

6. Able to give a clear and precise Pre-Ride Brief to Standard

7. Confident and positive group management skills

8. Documentations requirements and organisational procedures

9. Duty of Care

10. Customer Care

11. Incident Management in area of operation

16 hour- First Aid in the Outdoors

First Aid Element:


This First Aid course for those who participate or lead medium to higher risk activities in remote places  

• Guidance on current best practice and legislation

• Assessments of situations and casualty

• Airway, breathing and circulation assessments

• Emergency resuscitation (including use of AED's)

• Safe airway positions

• Dealing with choking

• Treatment of severe bleeding and shock

• Major injuries, including chest, head and pelvic injuries 

• Treatment of fractures

• Environmental injuries such as hypothermia and hyperthermia

• Life threatening conditions such as heart attack, asthma, diabetes, strokes, seizures, burns and anaphylactic shock

• Injury management in an outdoor situation

• Incident management scenarios

• Moving and carrying a casualty 

At the succesfull completion of the course you will recieve:

Certificate in Outdoor First Aid 16hrs 

Certifiacate of compatetance as a LEVEL 1 Trail Guide.

Provisional Membership in The Overland Guide Associaion.

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