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Consultancy Services

M-Power offers a Consultancy Service for your business. From policies, procedures, training to event management. We have over thirty years experience in adventure management, expeditions, training and outcome based delivery and assessments.


First Aid Courses
We offer outdoor and standard first aid courses, from 6 hour to 4 days. Courses for the office to the wilderness. 
Guides Training
We are the first organisation to develop a guides training structure for Overland and Trail Guides. You can be on four or two wheels our courses will prepare you for the UK and far flung lands. 
Navigation Training
GPS, maps and compass skills are essential for playing in the outdoors. We offer practical training courses, where you get to practice your skills in the open.
Leadership Training
We can help you develop those interpersonal skills you will need for an adventure or an expedition. These skills are also beneficial in the work place.
Risk Assesments and Policies
M-Power can write and prepare all you documents, including risk assessments. These documents will meet your governing body and insurance needs. 
Advanced Coaching Skill
As professional coaches and trainers in many sports we have developed advanced coaching and training skills. JPD is a guest lecturer in Universities on this subject and advises on Research PHDs.
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