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"its all about the person"

The Work behind the scenes.

John-Paul Dixon’s remarkable career in health, social care, and education showcases his dedication to supporting individuals with diverse needs. With expertise in learning difficulties, acquired brain injuries, autism, ADHD, and mental health challenges, he has crafted unique approaches that make a meaningful impact.


As a qualified trainer and educator, John-Paul imparts his knowledge at various universities, enriching the next generation of professionals in the field. His company, M-Power Activity Services, founded 22 years ago, stands as a testament to his commitment to fostering coordination and independence in individuals through engaging and purposeful activities.


Beyond the professional realm, John-Paul extends his expertise to the community, offering support both within homes and in broader settings. His strategies empower individuals to understand and navigate the complexities of life with additional needs.


Being a father of four, including two children with ADHD and autism, John-Paul brings a unique perspective that combines personal experience with professional insight. This dual lens enriches his ability to connect with families facing similar challenges and provides a holistic understanding of the needs involved.


For those seeking guidance or training in the realm of special needs, John-Paul Dixon is more than a professional; he is a compassionate advocate. Contact him to discuss concerns or training needs, and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and understanding he brings to the table.


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