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About M-Power Activity Services

M-Power was incorporated in 2002 .  M-Power was primarily a Social Care based activities provision for children and adults with impairments, these activities are the difference between M-Power and other providers. M-Power Staff are the support workers and the activity staff. This gives M-Power the unique opportunity to deliver exciting and developmental sessions without having to rely on other providers, this creates consistent trust bonding environments where people grow, make friends and develop. 

M-Power was formed to offer exciting and empowering activities that would promote core skills enabling its clients to grow in confidence and have a zest for life. This remains true today. 

 Over the last eight years John-Paul  ( Director) has developed an additional wing to the company utilising his expertise in training and management. M-Power offers a consultancy service specifically aimed to the adventure/ leisure industry, providing bespoke training, these courses are helping other companies and individuals to improve the Buisness sector and promote Best Practice.  

Meet The Office Team


John-Paul Dixon

Owner/ Director

Course Director

Technical Director


Lisa Jones

Activity Manager

Knows where everyone is in time and space.


Tina Smyth

Finance and HR Manager

If its in the office Tina knows where it is, and how to do it.


Kirsty Murphy

Administration and Finance 

Can find and locate information faster than google.

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